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A friend works at a big company near Portland, Or.  We've just had a bad snow and ice storm, something that's so rare that there just isn't enough heavy equipment to handle it the way you might see in, say, Minneapolis.  Even snow shovels are a rarity here.  Private parking lots are rarely cleared after a storm -- you just wait for it to melt.  But we're getting re-freezes every night, resulting in some really bad icy ruts.

Anyhow... friend uses a power wheelchair, and when he got to work this morning, the parking lot wasn't cleared, and the sidewalk was sort of cleared, but mostly just tromped down, and tough going.  They're also doing some construction at the plant, and friend asked one of the guys if he'd take a swipe at the walkways with a bobcat, if he happened to have a couple minutes and was using the bobcat anyhow.  Guy said, "sure, no problem".

When friend got out of work this evening, he found the crew had cleared the entire walkway to the handicapped parking area, shoveled all the way around the truck, applied de-icer and sand... then he found out they'd shoveled it by hand (a couple hundred feet) because the bobcat was in use all day.

There's a quadruple batch of brownies going to work tomorrow, and thank you letters.

Aww! That's so nice of them!  :)

stands up and appalads

goes to show there are good people still out there

Irish Clovers:
Wow.  Just.....Wow!   ;D

Wonderful!  Nice to see that warm hearts are still out there, doing good things!


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