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The person below me...

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We are - just chilling out at home with dinner finishing up and the first football game on the TV!

TPBM ate too much turkey!

false. didn't even eat Thanksgiving dinner yet.

TPBM is preparing for thanksgiving dinner by wearing something nice, and is stressing out.


 False, no thanksgiving over here and dinner was hours ago. Very chilled, and flitting between eHell and Assassins Creed III.

 The person below me..... has a piano in their house.

Sort of true.  I'm staying with friends and they have a piano.  I own a piano, but it currently lives at my sister's house, 3000 miles away.

TPBM is venturing out for shopping late tonight, despite his/her better judgement.

Nope. Done, done, and done. Last week, actually.

TPBM is decorating the house--love it! :)


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