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The person below me...

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Yes, indeed. The time went by quickly.

TPBM is job hunting.



The person below me got supplies for DS birthday this weekend.

No, no kids here. Happy birthday to him though! :)

TPBM is tired of getting unsolicited phone calls--so much for the quite laughable "Do Not Call list". I think telemarketers see it as a challenge.

False.  We don't get many since we learned a little trick.  Most robo-calls and telemarketers will hang up after the fourth ring.  Anyone we want to hear from knows to let our phone ring at least five times. 

TPBM is having a hard time finding a plain, white drape to go under the Christmas Village. 

False. I'd love to have a Christmas Village but I'm sure it would be destroyed by the evil cat twins!

If you're stuck on finding a white drape, what about a white tablecloth? Sometimes those can be found very inexpensively.

TPBM has a spouse that snores so loudly that they are constantly awakened before their alarm clock and reads ehell to pass the time  ::)


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