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Argh! No, but I did this past spring.

TPBM is making homemade turkey stock. (The house smells so good!)

JennJenn, you're right; I don't like those either. I just saw a 20' snowman at a local store that was horrible.

nope. no turkey here this year.

TPBM celebrated T-giving by eating half a can of jellied cranberry sauce.

:) Yep. Along with gawd only know how many thousands of other calories of TG related foods. No leftovers, though.

TPBM can't believe it's only 1 month until Christmas.

I've been counting down the days for more than a month now, so I can!!

(I love Christmas!)

TPBM is having trouble believing it's already the end of the weekend though. :(

Yes, indeed. The time went by quickly.

TPBM is job hunting.


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