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The person below me...

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True. Palm trees and beaches...

The poster below me has water skied.*

*I don't know how to conjugate ski

True, although I confess it's been decades.

TPBM would love to give snow shoeing a try.

I've done it and it's great fun. 

TPBM is thinking about which set of left-overs to have for lunch.

False - all leftovers have been consumed.  :(

TPBM is determined to make 2013 a positive year (was sorely tested while driving to work but passed!).

Understand that! I sure do think some nasty thoughts when I drive (sometime they are directed at me, too!)

TPBM had hot wings for lunch today. (I'm sure that they will (ahem) have me later....lol)


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