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The person below me...

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The person below me is going to the Chris Isaak concert next month and is counting down the days!
That's now twice in about 4 years. YAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  ;D

sorry, just a bit excited is all...  :D


TPBM is rather looking forward to watching the Oscars this year as some of the films look pretty good, even though she hasn't seen any of them yet.

False. Although I am pulling for Jennifer Lawrence--she's from Louisville (and so am I)

TPBM has spring fever! :)


The person below me slept late today.

False, though I did skip church. I woke up quite early after Stuey The Psycho Cat jumped on my (broken) ribs. Not much sleeping after that.

TPBM is sad that there are now 11 months remaining until there's a hope of seeing what happens next on Downton Abbey.


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