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The person below me...

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false (What poster? what band i mean?)

TPBM is very curious now....

Nope. I'm brain dead after yesterday's work meeting of 7 hours.

TPBM is trying to get motivated to get up and do **something**, even if it's wrong. lol

SO TRUE! I literally have done nothing this morning except finish my book and talk to my best friend on the phone for a while. I can't even get up the enthusiasm to go to the library for my next book, and I just realized that I just typed "this morning", even though its 1:45PM. Ugh.

TPBM is having dinner out tonight.

False.  We're having leftovers.

TPBM is tired from having spent most of the day helping a friend figure out various online offerings for a particular technology.

False, spent the day doing a lot of spring pruning.

TPBM is having dinner with their Mom tomorrow.


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