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The person below me...

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Understand dat! My team won it all last year, and then lost in the first round of the NIT this year. (smh)

TPBM wonders how a reasonablly sane person can act so bat poo crazy. I mean, honestly?  ::)

I have no idea happygrrl.

TPBM is doing camp nano and story and plot is coming together slowly but surely, but she wishes it would come together faster.

True! On all counts. :D

TPBM is going to have a go at it too.

Nope. I have no talent at getting my awesome stories to read right on paper.

TPBM is stressed to the max and wants a nice cramped place to hide from adulthood in.

If you find, then please scootch over; i need a place too. And...I'll bring homemade chocolate chip cookies. :)

TPBM is trying to get organized. And now I've hurt myself laughing!!!  ;D


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