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The person below me...

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True---I had a loooooong day.

TPBM is barefoot right now.

True! And ready for bed--

TPBM is....something.....I don't know what. Disappointed, maybe?

Disappointed, no.  Frustrated, yes!

TPBM has to carefully dig up and relocate ~5 feet of sprinkler pipe w/o undermining the patio. (Line got punched during patio installation.)

False. I sadly have neither patio nor sprinkler system in my postage stamp-size yard.

TPBM is really thrilled with the unseasonably warm weather and sunshine that we are experiencing right now and for the coming week. (The last three years were unseasonably cool right up until the fourth of July)

False.  We've had an unusually early and heavy start to the rainy season, which has kept things fairly cool.  Of course that's relative, as this is South Florida, so "cool" is "high's in the mid-80's."

TPBM is irritated that the kids are still awake and she can't go to bed quite yet.


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