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The person below me...

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No, and hopefully none this weekend-

TPBM had a joyful shock at work this week-- and I think it will change things for the better--

No, same stuff as usual. Happy that you had a good week!

TPBM is eyeing dessert that was purchased for later.

Nope, but I'm eyeing the baklava that I got a few days ago.  We earned it today.

TPBM intends to commit herbicide on the poison oak around their pump ASAP!!!

No, but I am trying to find someone who will clear the poison ivy taking over my back yard (highly allergic)

TPBM is going to have a cookout tomorrow.

False hope you had good weather!
TPBM has walked to dinner the last two evenings,a mile each time!


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