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False; I'm not buying any until we move--but what a nice problem to have! :)

TPBM is debating on how to solve a work problem.

Nope, false. Not working today unless you count housework, in which case, the problem to be solved is where to find the motivation to do it!

TPBM had a blast yesterday at the Solstice Parade and at Honkfest after the parade.

False.  No Solstice Parade but we did have the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island.

Weather permitting, TPBM will be attending the Ballet Trocadero de Monte Carlo later in the week. 

Nope, week is over and went no where exciting.

The Person Below Me planted a cactus this morning.
(cheap security system under a window)

Nope. I'm awful with plants of any kind.

TPBM has had a terribly decadent day of television.
(11 episodes of "Supernatural" for me!)


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