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The person below me...

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Nope. I'm awful with plants of any kind.

TPBM has had a terribly decadent day of television.
(11 episodes of "Supernatural" for me!)

True, but only because I had tons of things to do that did NOT involve Roseanne re-runs.

TPBM is amazed at how easy it is to turn a busy, productive day into a really lazy one...

Absolutely! I always think that I'm going to have a peaceful, relaxing day...and then BAM!

TPBM is looking at a new house. :)  With 83 acres.......   :)

Not even close. We just got done moving and unpacking again, and I will be happy if we don't have to relocate for at least a couple years.

TPBM is listening to some really groovy music from the mid-1960s, perfect for a sunny summer weekend....

Not 60's, but my DD is watching The Brady Bunch, so we are getting some funky 70's music!

TPBM is deciding whether to mow the lawn or sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea.


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