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The person below me...

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I wish that were the case!  The only thing I'm doing this weekend is tearing apart my living room/entryway and giving it a good fall cleaning!

Yep. The exciting life of a hot, single chick!!!   :P

TPBM has already started Christmas shopping.

I start Christmas shopping on Boxing day. Great sales, and I can save stuff around the apartment for the next year. The problem is figuring out what I stashed where and for whom.

TPBM is looking forward to a nice glass of wine and a hot bath this weekend.

do not like wine!

(shock)  :( :o

TPBM is getting ready to do head off to school to help with some kids.

False, I have no kids of which I am in charge.

TPBM has a lot of cleaning to do this week/weekend.

Oh yeah. BF's basement needs a bleach scrub-down, if and only if his plumbing main line is fixed. And it's going to be nasty.

TPBM is planning to do something nice for someone else.


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