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Nope, the closest thing I get to Project Runway is RuPaul's Drag Race and the Academic Tim Gunn tumblr!

TPBM is trying to recover after an all-nighter to meet a deadline.

Not quite - I am trying to recover but it's from pointlessly staying up late watching Nostalgia Critic videos on Youtube.

TPBM is happily munching on snickerdoodle cookies (or any other type of cookie).

I wish I had some snickerdoodles, but alas it is Cheez its for my munching.

TPBM is getting their child's stuff ready for school next week.

False, kids take care of getting their own stuff.  But, the are almost the age of off to college!

TPBM does not know what to wear to a big event this weekend that they really do not care about attending. 

I wish that were the case!  The only thing I'm doing this weekend is tearing apart my living room/entryway and giving it a good fall cleaning!

Yep. The exciting life of a hot, single chick!!!   :P

TPBM has already started Christmas shopping.


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