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Man has bone marrow cancer. His sister offered to donate, he went into remission.
Later, he has a relapse. She refuses to donate.

I can see both sides here, but if the sister refused I don't think he should be basically trying to get her to do it through a public opinion campaign.

Wow that's rough.

Sibling bone marrow donation is such an emotionally-charged experience it's hard to judge. When a sibling donates and the donation either fails, kills the donee, or succeeds and GVHD kills the donee anyway there's sometimes a massive attack of survivor's guilt, or even severe depression. I can actually see why the sister wouldn't want to donate again especially after the first time it failed.

I can also see the heart-break of the brother's family. (After all, DH's family went through a similar experience with FIL.)

Either way it breaks my heart and it's a shame that the brother is engaging in a public guilt-tripping campaign.

A match was found in the US.

But he had a relapse after the transplant.

Akarui Kibuno:
The odd thing is that I read the articles as in the sister agreed to be tested to see if she was a match, and when he actually needed her she then refused when she had previously agreed.

It's a pretty sad story and I must say I can understand the "I'm afraid that won't be possible" , but... I guess I probably couldn't have helped helping anyway.

To be honest, I cannot see his sister's point of view. She must have been really hateful or really didn't care whether he lived or died. I think I would hate her with a passion, were I the wife of the dead man. Something like this takes an angel heart to forgive.


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