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TOO diverse mix of guests?

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Chocolate Cake:
I'm planning a cookie exchange in December and have put together a tentative guest list.  I'm wondering if I've included people from too many various circles and am wondering if the diversity will be uncomfortable for everyone.  Here is the break-down:

Social group #1:  6 people
Social group #2:  3 people   
Neighbors:  3 people
Know from son's preschool:  3 people
Misc. friends:   4 people

None of the groups would know the people in the other groups.  What do you think?

Unless these groups have really different personalities or belief systems you know will come out and blow up I'd say go for it. My bigger concern would be the number of people, but it depends on how many cookies you will be asking each person to make.

20 people (incl. you) is a big cookie exchange indeed!

It could work well, especially if at least 3 or 4 of those people are really out going friendly types who will try to speak with the guests they don't know.  Perhaps even ask them in advance to assist with "triangle conversations".  Triangles are what a [good] bartender uses.  Speak with one person.  They mention something - say a recent European vacation - originator then pulls in another person from the room "Oh Jane, come here and meet and Mary, she was just telling me about her European vacation - Mary, Jane here spent 3 years living in 6 different countries in the EU."  Now Mary & Jane have a starting point to have a nice mutually interesting conversation.

If you can concerned another fun idea I have used and enjoyed as a gueest is when the host asks each guest (in advance) to provide a bit of info they are happy to share.  You write these down on index cards (either with each person's name if a shy group, or "a person in this room is..." if an outgoing group) and place them around the room or on the table (in a dinner party situation).  Guests read the mini bios of each other and now have fodder for conversation "oh I see here you went to Boston U, my brother is moving to Boston how'd you like it?" or "hey someone here is a dog groomer?  Which one of you?  I'm thinking of getting a puppy and would love to pick your brain about breeds."

Chocolate Cake:
20 people (incl. you) is a big cookie exchange indeed!

Never fear.  That's just the number of invites going out; I think the actual number of guests attending will be closer to 12-14 after all is said and done.

DF and I had a St. Patrick's Day get-together last year with similar widely varying groups invited - our neighbors, our medieval group, my band, and our relatives... we ended up having a whole lot less people show up than we invited, and everyone got along great and had a good time, so I would say go for it. :)  I think we invited around 40 people and had around ten show up... we sent a lot of leftover pizza home with my parents!


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