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Thank You for Being Here, E-Hell


Texas Mom:
I got a call from my SIL last night.

The only reason I answered the phone was because it was 10:15 in the evening.  In my family, you don't call after 9 unless it's an emergency.

She's married to DH's brother.  I've seen/met her one time - when she got married 17 years ago.  I have never talked to this woman on the phone.  Correspondence has always been erratic.  They moved last January & never contacted us with their new address/phone number.

She decided that we HAVE to come to her house for Thanksgiving, "Because we're family."  We're in Texas, they're in Ohio.  Then she started with the pressure that we should come for Christmas, but we'd have to leave on the 26th, because they're going to New York to see her family.  ooooooookkkkkkkkk

She repeatedly tried to bait me with snide comments.

I was online & used this site (especially this section) to help me stay grounded and as polite as possible while I talked with her.  I said "excuse me," "how kind of you to take an interest" & "that's simply not possible."  A lot.

I just wanted to say, THANKS, from the bottom of my heart.
I know now that I'm a better person for having found this place.  :)

A very delayed response, but I'm so glad it helped.  ;D


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