Etiquette School is in session! > "What an interesting assumption."

Didn't think to use it on time, gr!


I was on the phone with BF today. I could hear his sister, S, in the background. A little side info, neither me nor my parents like his sister because she thinks she can dictate my life and try and pry money out of my parents. BF and I were talking about the baby coming any day now and
his sister in the background says "It'd be neat if you went into labor tomorrow so I can be there! (she's off on Thursdays)"
Their mother responds with "And exactly do you expect to get there S?"
"Oh I'd take the bus (short pause) or I'll just have Mercy's dad come and get me."

I didn't think to use the line but instead said to BF "I think not." he agreed.

For some reason, BF's sister thinks that if it has to do with the baby and the hospital that my dad is going to be her taxi. Again, my parents don't like her, she knows this and knows why. I wish I would have been able to use the line.

"I think not" was a good response too!!!   :)


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