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Cheese for Grilled Cheese sandwiches?

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Chocolate Cake:
In the past, I've just used velveeta, but I'm sure there must be cheese that would taste much better on grilled cheese sandwich.   Any suggestions?

You can try american or monterey jack cheese.

Or you can do it the italian way. Stuff mozzarella inside and then lightly batter the sandwich and fry it.


Most cheeses will work.  Even cheddar, which is melt resistant does good if popped into the microwave first. 

Although, I think Grilled Cheese and Queso Dip are the reasons for Velveeta's existence. 

Lunch meat is good to add. 

My favorite is American cheese with bacon and tomato....YUM

Mild chedder- ummmmmmm.

For a dessert sometime try slicing angel food cake into "bread" thickness. Spread with Mascarpone cheese, and make into a "sandwich". Dip the sandwich ( or use a brush to "paint" it- you don't want the cake soaked) into a mixture of beaten egg, a bit of vanilla, and a little milk (like you were making French toast/fried bread). Melt real butter in a sauce pan, and fry until sandwich is lightly browned on both sides and melting (like making a grilled cheese). I swirl rasberry sauce on the plate, cut the sandwich in half or quarters, and arrange on the sauce, and top with a drizzle of ras. sauce, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and a few rasberries. Chocolate sauce and choc. curls also work instead of the rasberry.


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