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Flameing Vegetarian Food

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O.k. This upcoming weekend I have been invited to a fire pit roast. Basiclly it is a fire pit we sit around and roast hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks and make s'mores. Well my friend's girlfriend is a vegetarian. What would you suggest as a roasting food, beyond tofu dogs? Not that I am sure tofu dogs would roast well. She can't eat just  marshmallows and s'mores.

I thought this would be something about flaming as is complaining about vegetarians eating weird foods ;)

I would ask the vegetarian what she'd like.  I may be very wrong, but I think marshmallows have gelatin or some other animal products in them, so they may also be off limits.  She'd probably enjoy some kind of veggie that can be skewered, just like you'd do on a grill, and you could put a few foil wrapped potatoes in the fire.  I'm sure some of the vegetarians on the board will have better ideas than I do, though.

K (Friends GF) is the kind of vegetarian that just does not like the taste and texture of meat. She grew up vegetarian and would like meat but has not "gotten the hang of it" She loves eggs and cheese.


--- Quote from: RainhaDoTexugo on November 09, 2007, 12:14:35 AM ---I thought this would be something about flaming as is complaining about vegetarians eating weird foods ;)

--- End quote ---

I did too!  I was very scared opening up this thread.  :)

Ok, then marshmallows would probably be fine.  If she doesn't like the taste and texture of meat, I'd definitely avoid meat substitutes like tofu dogs, because they would, theoretically, emulate the taste and texture of meat...  But since you wanted something other than tofu dogs anyway, I'm ranting for no reason  :-\

I still don't have any useful advice, other than onions and green peppers and tomatoes on a stick.  You could find a good "cooking" cheese, like haloumi, that can be cubed and cooked without melting, and put it on skewers with marinated veggies.  It would be more interesting than just vegetables, at least, and if she loves cheese she'd probably enjoy it.


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