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Author Topic: tax credits in AZ (you or anyone you know in AZ)  (Read 2970 times)

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tax credits in AZ (you or anyone you know in AZ)
« on: November 06, 2007, 05:21:09 PM »
If you live in AZ (or if you know someone who does) and would be willing to make a tax credit donation to my school music program, please reply here or PM me and I will get you the necessary simple form (either as a link or through snail mail - whichever you prefer).

What is a tax credit donation?

Basically, anyone who files taxes in AZ is able to make up to a $200 donation ($400 filing jointly) to a public school that is given back to you as a tax credit at tax time.  You specify what school/program you would like the money to go to.

As a teacher receiving tax credit dollars, I can spend them on anything that is not used during regular instruction.  So, I can use them to take a field trip or for before- or after-school activities.

I am the instrumental music teacher at an inner-city school in Phoenix.  A large majority of the student population is Mexican.  I would like to start a mariachi group (there is considerable student interest).  However, guitarrons, guitars, and vihuelas are expensive.  The school/district will not buy them.  I am looking to raise enough tax credit money to buy them.  (I have trumpets and violins already.) 

The original plan was to take kids on a couple of field trips and have them perform for audiences that would hopefully donate tax credit dollars to us.  Since I have been out of work, this hasn't been possible.

If you or anyone you know in AZ is interested, please let me know.  It is as simple as filling out name/address/my school on a form and mailing it with a check.  Needs to be done by December 31 to be credited on 2007 taxes.

Thanks for considering!

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