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Cheesecake recipes wanted!

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I love to bake and decorate cakes.  One of the few things I'm just starting to make is cheesecake.  I made my first one with much success.  I'm overwhelmed with all the recipies in my vast cookbook collection so I'd like to know some tried and true recipies.  I would like to make one for a get together with some friends this week.  Would anyone like to share their favorite cheesecake recipe?

I have a great cheesecake recipe from one of my great aunts if you'd like it :)

Its a plain cheesecake, but you can put pretty much any type of topping on it... Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, etc...

I also have some other cheesecake recipes, like chocolate cherry cheesecake and pumpkin prailene(sp?) cheesecake, so let me know ok? :D

That would be great if you can share.  I love trying passed down family recipies.  Also the chocolate cherry cake sounds wonderful!

My family thinks I'm the cheesecake queen for some reason.  I have quite a few that I put through rotation, like dark chocolate, coffee, pumpkin, new york style, and one of the favorite, apple pie surprise.  I don't even use actual recipes anymore, because I've figured out a "formula" for the ingredients.  If ya want me to share I'd be happy to.

Please, oh please, please, please, please share.



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