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  • November 26, 2015, 10:38:30 PM

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Author Topic: Christmas Cards -- how to deal with them in these changing times...  (Read 732 times)

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Oh Joy

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I love receiving photo cards.  Sure, you posted 27 pictures of your kid in the pumpkin patch, but I'd still like to have your one best picture of the year.

Plus, I use my phone to take a picture of each photo, and attach it to their contact in my phone, so I see it everytime we text or call all year.


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I used to send up to 80 cards with a  letter updating  accomplishments of the kids, grandkids, and us. I limited the letter to one page with a couple of photos from our vacations. Many years he cards were desdigned and printed by me.

Then I started dropping people who did not respond in kind. The two most disappointing were my maid of honor and a cousin i had felt rather close to. They were ordinary cards signed with "Love, name." And then we had a couple of years from hell including lots of health problems and deaths of dear people and I just couldn't bring myself to write depressing letters. I just do not care anymore. I found that people we care most about and who care most about us know anyway, and the wonderful years just seem like bragging.

This is another year filled with pain and I just can't do it. All but two of the elderly people that I sent to whom I we knew still enjoyed the letters have died, and now our circle has narrowed to mostly family and a few Facebook friends.

Even as a kid I sent a few cards, missing only 1963, my freshman year in college. The Kennedy assassination  really shook my world.


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I've made and sent about 20 cards in recent years but I think that I won't do it this year. I don't have any idea for the design (it tends to be something not traditionally Christmassy, last year I did a linocut of a landmark in my town) and they tend to take a lot of time and effort and I don't seem to have the energy this year. I feel slightly guilty and a bit relieved.

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I like to send cards. Until about five years ago, I still had a few pen and paper penpals from my childhood.

I do triage the cards I send, though. I start with my oldest relatives at the beginning of December and try to be quite chatty with the notes inside. The n I work my way theough far distant friends, you ger family, and closer friends. Some years the closer friends get just a "happy holidays" with no other notes. Seriously, I see them once or twice a week in some cases and I have nothing new to say other than good wishes.

I get fewer each year, depressingly as more of my older friends and family pass on. It is bittersweet to open my card box and see the ones from my grandma, or her cousin who I was very close to. It is hard to update the address list as well. But it is not a tit for tat situation to me (though I usually add people who send one to me first); this is my way of expressing good will, and I know it,s not for everyone.


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I send about 20 -25 cards.  Maybe 10 or 15 are received, including the ones from businesses.  People to whom I don't talk to the rest of the year (mostly relatives) get a copy of the holiday letter, the rest get just my fabulous signature because they already know what is going on.  It's fun to get mail that isn't a bill or advertisement. 

Last year I added three people.  I had been sending a card and letter to my aunt.  Her daughters enjoyed my letters so much that when Aunt passed away, they asked to be added to my list.

After Christmas, the cards will be used for next year's package decorations.


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I send about 70 cards a year and we get about 60 back. The 10 who don't send cards are family who don't send cards to anyone but I include them anyway. My kids are little and so we usually send a family photo of DH, me and the kids. I have never written a newsletter though.

I'm really into photography, so in the past years, we've set up a photo session in my amateur studio and have used a self timer on the camera. Then, I use my Photoshop skills to make it into a 5x7 with some holiday backgrounds or clip art. This way, I can just order a ton of 5x7 photos from Winkflash or Walmart at the regular 5x7 price. A few years back, I ordered a huge supply of green 5x7 envelopes (well, whatever measurement is slighlty larger). And those envelopes have lasted several seasons. I use them for the kids' birthday party invitations too (which I also make with Photoshop). Then I do an MS Word mail merge and print address labels because my handwriting is nearly illegible unless I write at a snail's pace.

This year, I got a new job and have been working many hours. So I skipped the studio photo and just slapped in a casual photo of our family in ballcaps at a pumpkin patch. I wonder what my European friends will think of us. Maybe that we look like typical Americans with our ballcaps. Who knows.

I like receiving all the cards we get because we generally get photo cards of our friends. I have a huge corkboard that I put up in the kitchen every December specifically for pinning all the cards. I love seeing all our friends' smiling faces and seeing how their kids have grown. It makes me happy that they take the time to send us the photo cards. It's better, to me, than Facebook because I feel like my friends care about us and truly wish us good holidays, personally. And I feel happy to see all my friends, from all over the northern hemisphere (I need to make some friends south of the equator) all in one place.

At the end of the season, I keep the photo cards of the friends and family we're closest to, for keepsakes.
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