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Our family will be getting together with another for Thanksgiving since both our families live out of town.  My friend and I always use this to show off/try new recipes and this year I want to do Tiramisu.  I'm planning to do a half pan of an espresso/kalua one but I know the kids will want some too, and as they range from 2-7, even a non-alcoholic one won't be appropriate.  Does anyone have a recipe for mock-tiramisu involving perhaps chocolate of some sort?  Using chocolate milk doesn't seem like it would have a strong flavor and I'm kind of stuck beyond that.

Thanks for any ideas :)

I'm really throwing out ideas here but what if you make a soaking liquid with a decaffeinated fruit tea, like a raspberry and then add some raspberry syrup to make the flavor stronger. And then mix melted white chocolate with mascarpone or cream cheese. If you like the idea I can work out a recipe.

What about using the syrups used for flavoring coffees? They can be thinned down, or you can make a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water heated) and add your own flavorings.

I make a very yummy strawberry Tiramisu. It's basically a cross between a Tiramisu and a Trifle. Macerate sliced strawberries in granulated sugar juice and the juice of one orange (remove the zest before juicing and reserve). Make the mascarpone custard as usual. Then strain the strawberries and baste the sponge/lady fingers in the strained juices. Assemble by layering the sponge/lady fingers, mascarpone custard, strawberry slices, then repeat. Whip heavy cream to soft peaks. Add in the orange zest and some powdered sugar. Whip to almost stiff peaks and then smooth the orange-scented whipped cream on top of the top layer of strawberries.

I came up with this version as my DH hates coffee flavored anything, but LOVES strawberries and LOVES the other components of Tiramisu (for a more "grown-up" version, I add a little Grand-Marnier to the strained juices from the strawberries before basting the sponge/lady fingers).

You could do the same thing with mixed berries or even sliced peaches.


fruit tiramisu would be great (like 42 said)

or if you want chocolate, I'd make the soaking liquid out of a simple syrup with added cocoa powder.  You can add enough cocoa to make it chocolatey that way.


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