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Chicken recipe - tell me what you think ?


Akarui Kibuno:
Hi all!

I don't cook THAT much, but sometimes I try and do some stuff, and there are things I haven't invented but I'd like your opinion on them (as well as help with wording if need be, to see if it could end up in the Recipe Book, which I doubt, but still :P ) .

So, in this recipe, I use chichen breast (around one per person) and I chop it in "slices" . I "cook" (stir-fry ?) the chicken in the pan (without too much oil beforehand otherwise it'll look icky) , and then I use liquid cream when the chicken is done enough.

I add the liquid cream, and add chopped mushrooms OR lemon juice (for the lemon juice, it's up to everyone's taste, but it can be bitter quite quick so I always add slowly) , stir again, add salt and pepper, stir again.

I let it stew for five minutes at the lowest heat level on the stove. Dish served with rice or pasta (usually tagliatelle, it looks better than spaghetti) .

Ingredients :

1 chicken breast per person (sliced)
1 small can of chopped mushroom / OR lemon juice

So, what do you think T_T ?

Sounds kind of like chicken stroganoff, to me.  Add some mushrooms and onion, and call me over ;D

Akarui Kibuno:
So, you'll take a plane to Paris, and then the RER B to Saint Michel, and then RER C until Choisy le Roi, and then... :D ... Oh, not now though, train strikes :P .

I usually make this when we have company though cause I tend to cook a lot :P . Mwahaha.

Use real mushrooms if you can. Before you start cooking the chicken, slice shrooms. Put a lg skillet on burner set on medium and melt a knob of butter. Add 'shrooms, dask on salt, and cook on med burner, stirring at intervals. When all have started to darken, and the "liquid level" in the pan is rising, turn off heat and allow the mushrooms to "sweat" for 30 minutes.  Cook the chicken during that time.

When chicken is cooked, add cream and chopped mushrooms. Slowly add some of the liquid from the mushroom skillet- tasting as you go. It will add an earthy, delicious, rustic mushroom flavor to the dish. Using portobellos makes a big difference too, with a beefier taste.

Finish dish as you normally would.

Akarui Kibuno:
I LOVE the way you're describing the dish.

I luv' ya :P .


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