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The problem is...

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... "I'm afraid that won't be possible" is usually followed by a "Why not?!"

How to handle?

A rational description of why exactly their request is unfufilable/unwanted/just plain crazy is usually the best way. Or the easier way... "Because I said so."

"It just will not be possible."

Then change the subject. If they persist, the blank stare works wonders.

I have used the blank stare or said, "It's not going to happen, so please stop asking."

"Please respect my answer."

Seven Ate Nine:
Personally I try to avoid using the line exactly as stated.  When people ask me to do their prescriptions more quickly I state that I'm sorry but my current wait time is X minutes (if they're obviously in pain or have a sick kid and we're really not that busy I will tell them that it'll be quicker).  When they argue I tell them that I have X in front of them, or they have X amount of prescriptions and I'm sorry but it just isn't going to happen.  Obviously this is situation specific, but by just repeating myself in the first place instead of telling them it's impossible I don't really get that many who ask why (though a lot of humphing).


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