Etiquette School is in session! > "I'm afraid that won't be possible."

I think I'll be using this line a lot.


In my job (enrollment at a mental health clinic) I am seeing an increase of calls where I am ordered to find an appointment opening when there is none.

Our standard is to have appointments available within two weeks for people who fall within our target demographic (keep in mind we have an on call crisis counselor 24/7/365, if the person really needs to be seen or talk to someone right away). I have been able to meet or beat standard lately, so by my measure, I'm in good shape.

I had a lady call today who has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. First she told me to just move it back, so she could be seen later in the day. That's where my first, "I'm sorry, that won't be possible." came. Then I told her that if she wanted to reschedule, my first opening would be on December 3rd. She said "No, thats not soon enough. Put me in sometime this week." Ahem...#2 "I'm sorry that won't be possible, unless you keep your scheduled appointment tomorrow. December 3rd is my next opening."

Big sigh. "Okay, fine. I'll keep my appointment tomorrow."

20 bucks says she shows up late and expects to be seen.  ;)

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she shows up late and expects to be seen.


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