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Author Topic: Bragging rights - my best turkey ever.  (Read 878 times)

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Bragging rights - my best turkey ever.
« on: November 24, 2007, 01:19:09 PM »
I just made my best turkey EVER. It's labor intensive but so worth it. I share it this one and only time with my beloved eHellions.

1 gallon of Hot Water
2 quarts Veggie Broth
1 lb of kosher salt
1.5 lbs of honey
1 can of OJ concentrate
1 gallon of ice

Heat the water to simmering and dissolve the salt in it. Remove pot from heat and add the OJ, Veggie Broth, and Honey. Put turkey in the cooler and cover with brine and ice cubes. Let it sit overnight. (Make sure you add enough ice to keep the turkey cool.) If the liquid doesn't cover the turkey then add more broth and water.

The Rub:
1/4 cup brown sugar.
Zest from 1/2 an orange
Pinch of lemon zest
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tblsp garlic powder
A generous amount of softened butter

Drain and rinse turkey, pat dry with paper towels. Combine everything and rub it under the turkey skin. Don't tear the skin. And don't forget to rub the turkey cavity either. Rub the outside of the turkey with plain butter to give it that nice browning. Let the turkey sit for a few hours to absorb some flavor before roasting.

The Stuffing:
1/2 cup OJ
1/2 cup veggie broth
1 onion cut into chunks
1 apple cut into chunks
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 handful of dried cranberries

Combine everything in a bowl. If the chunks aren't immersed then cover with water. Microwave for 1.5 minutes. Stuff contents into the turkey cavities. Add some of the OJ/ Veggie broth to the bottom of the pan.

Cook the turkey at 325 until the internal temp reaches 160. Cover it with foil and let it sit while you make the pan gravy.
Because this turkey is a little sweet, add some chicken broth to the gravy. (Otherwise the gravy will be too sweet)

The resulting turkey is 'autumny' tasting with just a hint of sweet. I wouldn't recommend this for chicken since it's so light tasting, but a hearty bird like turkey can stand up to it.

Accompany with Easier than Stovetop Stuffing:
1 loaf of hearty wheat sandwich bread cubed and stale (or slightly toasted)
2 ribs of celery
1/2 onion
Handful of chopped fresh sage
Chicken broth.

Combine all the dry ingredients. Add enough chicken broth to moisten and transfer to baking pan. Cover and bake at 325 for about 20 minutes.

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