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"men don't fall in love."

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Mr. Tabris does not read this board, so I was shocked when he came out with this one yesterday:

My mother: Women fall in love, but men don't marry for love. They marry for more logical reasons.
Mr. Tabris: What? I don't think that's true!
My mother: Men analyze things and don't marry just because they're in love the way women do.
Mr. Tabris: What an interesting opinion.

He hasn't been drilled in "an interesting assumption" so I thought he did really good.  ;) But the most horrifying thing about this was that my mother didn't "get it" that she was slamming both him *and her husband* who was sitting beside her! Agh.

(the good thing is, Mr. Tabris and I had a solid discussion about it afterward.)

"Love does not exist.  That's a concept invented by guys like me to sell nylons."
-- Don Draper in Mad Men

Tabris, it sounds like your mother has an axe to grind about something.  My divorce friend, whom I will henceforth refer to as Blanche DuBois, also believes that men do not fall in love.  Long story about her axe (and ex).

As to the etiquette issue, your mother was out of line.

What's funny is that my mother honestly doesn't seem as if she has an axe to grind! And when I thought about it, my father was/is an incurable romantic at heart. And yet my mother seemed to truly believe what she said. Very strange.

My point was only that my husband, from his limited secondhand exposure to this group, managed to pick up enough to come up with the "interesting assumption" line when on the spot, and I found that funny.

If that was true, Prince Charles would still be married to Princess Diana.

Twik, you always know the right thing to say.

I was about to agree with the MIL.


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