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Your tooth or my marriage?

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Today DH and I decided to drive over to Stratford-upon-Avon (ie Shakespeare's home town), about 45 minutes from our home, for a bit of shopping. Neither of us had been there in years, and were hoping for a nice day out. I was driving, and DH often gets a bit stressed when he's navigating and things are poorly signposted. And then the traffic was bad, and we missed a turning for the car park. Then I turned into the wrong car park, which was long term, and had to reverse out...So I found the right one, and it was very full, so I had to circle and hope someone was leaving. Ah ha! Spotted my chance, someone loading up their car and about to pull out. So I put on my indicators, and wait. DH is by now STEAMING beside me. I notice a minivan pull up behind me, and the driver gets out and comes over. "I really need that spot, I have a toothache, and have to get to the dentist." She wasn't demanding, and quite polite. But I could see that DH and I would have had a marital crisis if I did not park the car RIGHT NOW. "Sorry, no" I said, "I really need that spot."

It did occur to me that if she was going to the dentist, then she was local, so she knew other places to park in the area. I on the other hand, didn't. And if she was desperate, the car park over the road was more expensive but had plenty of spaces. Also, there was actually quite a lot of movement, and I noticed that she managed to find a space before I'd even finished parking the car. Probably without the imminent divorce/murder situation in my car, I would have let her have the space, and I did feel bad.

Not that it has anything to do with the post, but I was at Stratford almost three years ago (I'm American).  There was the whole Shakespeare thing, but I picked up most of my postcards and souveniers there.  Good shopping!  My friend and I also found an honest-to-goodness tea and scone shop.  I came all that way for a scone, and I was not to be denied!


Akarui Kibuno:
Truth be told, when my parents were in such situations and my Dad started being like that, my Mom would usually stop, hand him the keys and say "Hey, since it seems to bother you so much, why don't YOU drive ?" .

He usually stopped after that and let her get to our destination :P .

She asked nicely, and took no for an answer.  So she's off the hook, and kudos to her.  You needed the space and you were polite in saying so.  So you're good too.  This is how etiquette is supposed to work, and it's heartening to see such an exchange be so civil.

You needn't feel badly about it, but next time you might consider letting your husband drive if he's going to have such temper problems.



--- Quote from: veryfluffy on December 03, 2007, 01:20:28 PM --- "I really need that spot, I have a toothache, and have to get to the dentist." 

--- End quote ---
"I am so sorry, but I don't take that spot my husband's head will explode."


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