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Being Thoughtful--Middle School Report

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Today was Career Day at my daughter's middle school. She and her friend noticed that no one was visiting the cosmetology booth, and she felt badly for the girls who were there giving up their time to present it as a career choice. So she and Friend went over and talked to them.

In return she was given a very cute hair scrunchie (all of the career representatives bring little trinkety items with them to give to the students) which her classmates envied.

It's nice when being kind has a reinforcing payback right away.

And I'm going to remember it when she says something snarky at home later.  ;D

Aww, your daughter and her friend sound like very nice girls.  Also, where is this career day?  I love getting free stuff.....let's see, I could go to the Cosmetology booth for hair elastics, the Candy Store Owner booth for free candy.  I wonder what the Automotive booth gives out, lol. ;)

sounds good, but I'd be afraid of the dental booth...

Her middle school hosts it. (And thank you for moving this thread, as soon as I saw the RAK I thought, better fit!)

It is a little silly in that a lot of careers will be available in 8 years (when they graduate from college) or even 4 (from high school) that are not even thought of now--

One presenter made it a point to talk about "trash" jobs. My daughter said it was awful for the kids whose parents HAD those jobs.

She said her advisory (homeroom) teacher was on the warpath to get that presenter removed. It is one thing to encourage kids to aim high, another to put down career choices.

Thank you, she is a nice girl, most of the time.

They got "wings" from the airline rep (I thought she meant "wings" as in buffalo wings--I was a little disappointed!) and a play tattoo (I didn't quite get that) from another presenter.


Very thoughtful indeed! And nicely rewarded as well. It never hurts to check out all sorts of careers. Chip never in the world thought he would end up as an accountant, and now he can't imagine not working with numbers and systems.

I used to do Career Days for high schools when I was in newspaper. Almost every kid who came to my booth said, "Do you have to work weekends?" Uh, yes, sometimes. "Ewwww!" Walk away.

Then there was the slightly scary kid who said, "I want to be a movie critic. I like bombs." (I was tempted to point him toward the Army recruiter nearby, but I kept my mouth shut. As I said scary kid.)


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