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I think this is the first thread that I've started on the "new" message board!  Hooray, me!

Dh went to lunch with some former business associates on Friday.  One of the guys is single and likes to cook, so after everyone else had left he tried to invite dh and me for dinner some night.  Guy said he was in the mood to experiment, and of course we could chip in for the grocery money.  Of course, we will politely decline any such invitation if it ever actually happens.  Too much!


Umm....If I want to experiment with a new dish, I always try it on myself first.  If I think it is good enough for guests then I will invite them over for to try the meal at a later date.  Expecting them to "chip in" for a meal and not even knowing if it is going to be good?  Tacky, tacky, tacky!!  You are right to decline this guy's invitation.

Sounds like he wants to experiment with some really expensive ingredients like foie gras or black truffles and is trying to get someone to subsidize the costs.   That's fine if  (a) you know him well, (b) he has invited you over enough times for no-strings-attached dinners that you are sure that he really is an excellent cook, and (c) the specifics are discussed ahead of time and the exotic ingredient is something that everyone involved wants to try.  I'd be happy to go shares on a truffle, but foie gras is just chopped liver to me.

If he is a friend and if you share his love of experimenting new foods, then it I feel it is ok to be his "lab rats".

But to ask for grocery money, that is too much! Unless, of course, everyone had expressed the wish to try an expensive delicacy and he offered to get it if everyone would chip in.

But all of the above from a business associate? No way.

Experimenting with new dishes is one thing, but it's very ungracious of a host to suggest that it needs to be on his guests' dollars. 

I'd decline too.   :P


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