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It occurred to me that the line "Well, that's your opinion" is a good variation on "What an interesting assumption."  You use this line when someone makes a rude statement in such a way as to suggest it is irrefutable fact.  For example, a pushy religious zealot says, "All [members of X religion] are going to Hell."  You reply, "Well, that's your opinion" and leave it at that.  The response subjectifies their statement, which is, after all, nothing but an opinion, even though they've been trying to present it as fact.

Actually, I got this line from the movie Inherit the Wind.     

You do have to be careful with the tone of voice on that one.  If we're not careful how we say it, it can come across as showing we consider that opinion to be less/worse/dumber than ours. 

That being said, there are times where people don't seem to understand what it means to agree to disagree.  This seems to be a possible end to those conversations. 

I've always hated "That's your opinion." I've never heard it used in any but a dismissive manner, and it's usually used to deflect constructive criticisms or honest, sought-after advice.

"Do you think I should tell my mom what a horrible person I think she is?"
"I think that would be unnecessarily harsh and confrontational."
"Well, that's your opinion."

It seems always to pop up on TV shows like "Kitchen Nightmares", and usually in response to some innocuous bit of truth dispensed by the person called in to help.

That's one I would only use in the face of rudeness. The example of telling someone that they were going to hell strikes me as a good one.

I've sometimes used "Well, that's one way to look at it" in a bland manner.

Because - it actually usually is one way to look at whatever it is.



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