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Croissant or chocolate chip muffins recipes?


Yes, I know chocolate chip muffins come in an instant mixture in a box, and croissants come in frozen boxes, but I'd really like to try making these myself sometime. My roommate is in culinary and she said it's a pain in the butt to prepare croissants (I found one recipe for them and it did seem a bit complicated) - is this true?

Anyone have any recipes for either of these? Has anyone ever made or tried white chocolate chip muffins?


I have not made either item myself, but I checked into it cause I was interested.  I found these 2 recipes, although the croissant sounded sort of complicated:

Good luck, and let us know how it works out!  Also, if you find a better recipe for croissants, let me know, as I want to try to make them now that I think about it!   ;D


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