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Deflecting Spouse Bashing

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Midnight Kitty:
We went to our friends' home for Christmas dinner like we always do.  This was their first Christmas in the lovely new home they built.  They invited their new neighbors: A couple with a daughter around the same age as their daughters.  The neighbor lady sat next to me and immediately told me that her husband wouldn't be joining us for dinner because he's very shy.  According to her, he acts like a 3 year old.  She said, "He'll hide behind my legs for a couple minutes, then run home."  I've never met this woman before.  I don't know her husband.  I didn't even know she was married.  Maybe that's why she told me about her shy hubby, so I wouldn't assume she was a single mom.  Still, it was a little TMI for the first encounter & I felt uncomfortable.

Fortunately for me, I read and I had a great line to toss into the conversation:

"I'm sure he has other redeeming qualities."

Yep, fellow ehellions, it worked a charm :)  She got off her soapbox telling me how socially inept he is and told me he's a wonderful father and very handy around the house.

That's a great line.

Mayor Maynot:
I agree that was perfect!!  When people I don't know well start downing themselves or someone close to them I am going to remember that one!! Thanks

Good job!  Hopefully she went home thinking about what a great guy he is.

Maybe she often catches so much hell from people for him not being there ("where's your husband?  Why didn't he come?  He should've come.  You should call him and tell him to come over.  He'd better have a good reason for not being here with you.  Why didn't he want to see us?  Is he embarrassed to be seen in public with you?  Is he some kind of recluse?  I hope he's not sick, is he?  Where IS he?" etc.) that she finally just started offering reasons right off the bat?  Or maybe she's embarrassed that he refuses to go anywhere with her (and wants people to know that SHE doesn't find his behavior acceptable?)?


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