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If I knew it happened, I would have used this!


We all went shopping yesterday for paint.  I was with my 20 year old bro, 19 year old sis, 7 year old dd and 2 year dd.  I look like in my early 30's.

I can't tell you how many looks we got yesterday trying to figure out what relation we are to each other!

But my sister told me that a cashier thought that my bro and sis were "teen" parents of my kids and that I was their now grown up "teen" mom and it must run in the family...... :o

My sis flustered, muttered that she is their aunt and that I was their mom.....

If I was listening, I would have used this perfectly!  ( I was in the front talking on my cell while they were checking out.)

I would report that cashier to his/her manager.  Even if their name isn't printed there should be a way to identify the cashier from the receipt.  This type of thing is getting common it will almost be acceptable like printing registry information on an invitation.  ::)

What do they care?  Their job is to sell you paint.  Not inappropriately comment and speculate on what your relationships to each other may or may not be!

That was my first thought too?  What does it matter what the relationship is?  Sheesh, some people really worry about the wrong things.

I never assume.  When I was 14, I was with my bro and ex-sil.  We were traveling cross-country.  We had stopped at a rest stop and My ex-sil was in the stall and I was with my niece who was about 15 months at the time.  A woman in the rest room gave me a really nasty look and you could see her wheels turning that she thought I was Mom.  But I loved her expression and they way she ran out of the rest room when my ex-sil came out of the stall and my niece ran up to her yelling MOMMY!!! and hugged her!  It's a rotten assumption to make if you don't know someone.


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