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There has a marked increase in the number of posts that are not only contain the words "rant/ranty/vent/venty" in the thread title but also consist of nothing more than griping, venting and ranting about a specific situation without the benefit of seeking any application of etiquette. 

I realize that other similar forums are in decline and whose members are coming here but no one should be confused into thinking the Etiquette Hell forum is a substitute for gripefest forums or try to shift the focus of this forum from a productive discussion of etiquette to being a safe haven for venting and ranting.  There is a reason why gripefest forums eventually peter out....the constant dumping of negative ranting slowly brings the quality of the forum down.   

There will be increased moderation in this area because it has gotten too excessive lately. 

I rant\vent on here because I feel as if these people are completley removed from the situation and will give me some insight to the situation. Is that okay?

A vent or a rant usually comes (in forums) with the expectations that no advice or insight is needed. Hence why we don't want those kinds of threads here. Invariably, when someone posts a rant and then are given advice contrary to that which they are seeking (That is, they want to hear: "Go you!" "You're right!" "You're totally justified!") then they get upset and say that it was only a rant/vent and they don't want to hear dissenting opinions. Not necessarily on this forum, but it has happened in the past.

That is the scenario we wish to avoid. It fosters hostility and, frankly, is just plain rude. In my opinion, if anyone feels the need to vent, without wishing to hear about how wrong they are, they should get a blog.

There is the "I Need a Hug" folder for when things aren't going well. I've used it quite a lot.

Yes, that's the right place to ask for support.

The main part of the forum is for on-topic (=etiquette-related) discussions.  Everything else goes into the off-topic area.


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