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Is This Code For Baby Shower?

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I've been invited to a "welcome the baby into our community" party for a friend's six-month-old. Guests have been asked to bring a prayer, blessing, or wish.

Two questions:

1. Does this sound like a stealth shower? Am I expected to take a conventional gift, as well, do you think? I've already given them a baby gift, when the kid was born, but I don't want to be stingy.

2. Does anybody have any brilliant ideas on the prayer/blessing/wish matter? I'm not religious, so I guess it has to be a wish, and I'm stuck. I considered finding a blessing in my parents' first language, but when I tried the Internet, the best I could find was "Hey, I like your car." Probably not quite what my friend has in mind. And "May you transcend your well meaning but etiquette-challenged family's influence and resist having a College Fund jar at your own kids' birthday parties" probably wouldn't go over too well, either, as much as I do want that one to come true.

Don't know about our first question

But for the second I would pen something along the lines of:

I wish for you more smiles than tears
more joys than woes
Sunny days and Starlite nights
For all the days in your life.

Corny and sappy, and I just dreamed it up off the top of my head.  If you like it use it.

Chocolate Cake:
Six months old?   That seems a bit late in the game to hold any kind of welcoming party.  I presume that most close friends and neighbors have already seen the baby plenty of times by now.

I believe, from discussions here, that "meet the baby" parties are actually an effort to have a baby party without it being a shower. If they really wanted you to bring presents, they should call it a shower.

OP, I agree with Twik - it's not a shower.  They're trying to get around having a shower by just honestly and truly welcoming the baby.  It sounds sweet.  If I were you, I'd bring a gift (maybe a cute onesie or something like that), but that's me - I can't imagine showing up to a party empty-handed.

With regard to the six month-old baby - did the baby have medical issues?  I've known babies who weren't allowed out of the hospital for the first few months after the birth, and then the parents have to adjust...if that's the case, I can see why they'd have a party now. 


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