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I bean dipped my mother!


Hmm, that sounded kind of wrong.  Oh well ;D

I'm so proud, e-hell has trained me well!  My mom really likes to hear herself talk (which is natural, as she's an expert on everything  ::)).  She has a good friend, Jane, who isn't very financially responsible.  Both of them are in their 60's, so looking at retirement and old age, although they're not there yet.  My mom, who is very financially responsible, investment savvy, etc, goes into speeches now and then about Jane and Jane's unwise spending habits, how Jane is living on social security and can barely pay her rent, and isn't able to find a permanent job because of her age, etc etc.  The latest was that Jane had to use the last of her savings to pay her rent, but still goes out and gets manicures, buys people gifts, etc etc.  Now, while my mom has a point, it's really not my business, and on a pleasant shopping trip I really don't want to hear negative things about someone who I'm not close to, and who's always been nice to me.

So what did I do?  When she paused for a minute, I said "Hey, Melissa's (other friend) daughter in law is pregnant, isn't she?  She must be excited to be a grandmother!"  She took the bait!  I got to hear about how excited Melissa is about her first granddaughter instead of how irresponsible Jane is :)  I can't believe it worked!  Woo Hoo!!!

Yay! An Ehell victory!!   :D

Hooray! A bean-dip moment!

I will get into practice. I'm taking Mother out shopping Friday. :P

Oooh, I have to try this in my mother, since she's a lot like yours. She considers herself an expert on practically all matters, and always finds something to complain about. It drives me absolutely bonkers! Now I just have to think of a topic she can't think of anything negative to say about... that might be a bigger chore :P

Well, she still finds negative things to say about everything, it's just a matter of finding the least negative topic :P

Good luck!


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