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I was at a superbowl party today and I was mortified at the condition of the house in terms of cleanliness.  Now, I understand that the kitchen and sitting area can get messy with food, dishes, etc., while people are getting their snacks or putting their dishes in the sink.  No problem there.

What I do have a problem with is when the bathroom is not clean.  At this particular home, there were several wet face cloths on the sink, hair on the floor and general disarray in the only bathroom.

I was raised that whenever I have guests, my house is spotless, including the bathroom guests use, but I don't expect it to stay that way during the party.  I put out fresh towels, make sure the toilet is clean and disinfected as well as all countertops and the sink. 

Is this the norm when people with only one bathroom in the home have it in such disarray when guests come over?  I was truly disgusted. 

The bathroom that guests will use is the FIRST room I clean when I'm having company.  I'm always very uncomfortable in someone's bathroom where there are used towels, clothing, make up, etc. lying all about.  It makes me feel like I'm intruding into their personal space.  Which I am, I know, but a good host will try to eliminate this, IMO.

Ugh, I think a bathroom tells alot about people.  If a host/hostess can not take the time to be sure their bathroom is friendly and welcoming for expected guests, I don't feel my presence is either appreciated or welcomed.  I don't want to be in my OWN bathroom if my DF or DS leave wet towels or clothes laying around, never mind toothpaste, hair or other disgusting things in the sink. Even if I'm rushed when guests are comming over, that room is the first thing I pick-up and clean up before they arrive.  Dirty dishes in the sink is understandable, even a little clutter on the table, but the batroom comes first to me.  But then, I tend to keep my house pretty tidy anyways, so clean up doesn't take long here.

Had I been in your position, I'd have felt pretty uncomfortable too!

I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I understand a house gets messy as the party wears on and even the bathroom can get so slightly with so many people using the towels. 

I always clean my entire house prior to guests, put out fresh towels in the bathroom and make sure it's spotless.  I also check it throughout the event to make sure it hasn't got messy and I usually give the toilet seat a wipe with a those disinfectant wipes. 

I agree that the bathroom should be clean if you're hosting a party.  I also clean everything top to bottom before any party, although if I don't have time to fully clean everything, I definitely clean the bathroom.  I would be uncomfortable using a bathroom like you described, too. 


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