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Polite Ways to Decline Food You Cannot Stand?

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I have a question that I hope most of you can help me with. If I am at someone's house and they serve something that I cannot eat, how do I politely decline the offer? I am not talking about something that I cannot eat due to special dietary restrictions - just something that I really do not like in general. I hate rice pudding with a passion (it makes me gag), but what happens in a situation where I'm invited over to a friend's house for supper, and rice pudding is served for dessert? I don't want to accept the pudding for fear that the host/hostess might urge me to take seconds, but I don't want to seem rude either. How do I deal with this problem?

Do a variation of the bean dip response: "Oh none for me, thanks. By the way, that bean dip you served was wonderful, is it your own recipe?" Repeat as necessary.

Don't go into an explanation about why you won't eat it, or make a production out of refusing. A simple no works best.

Any insistence that you try it after that is rudeness on the hostess' part.

You could say that you're already stuffed full with all the wonderful food that the hostess served for the main course, and you simply have no room for dessert.  By the way, for what it's worth, I hate rice pudding too.  Rice is NOT a dessert food, and putting it in a pudding with raisins doesn't make it one.

Start with no thank you

Repeat no thank you

Change the subject

Repeat not thank you

If they push say you are not a fan (or it does not agree with you) of x - the more generic the better. (for me i do not like pie - I will not eat it - if offered a slice of apple, pumpkin Ė whatever, I am not going to say I donít like that specific pie I am going to say I donít like pie)  the more generic you can be the less insulting you are. 

No thank you should be sufficient, but I say if they want to push, be honest, and be unapologetic (about your dislike) you are entitled to dislike something, and if they want an answer give it to them.  Donít feel guilty, but also assure them it is not their fault, and you are not offended, and you are perfectly comfortable with your preferences and situations Ė assure them that they are still a wonderful host.

A simple "No, thank you" should suffice.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


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