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Harriet Jones:
Last night I was at a local pizza place with my kids and a couple of their friends.  A little girl, maybe 5 years old, comes over and starts asking me for money for the arcade games.  I tell her no many times.  I also tell her that if she wants money she should ask her mom or whoever she came with.  So her next move was to disappear for a minute, returning to tell me that her mom says it's OK for me to give her money.  ::)  I'll give her points for cleverness, but subtract a few for sheer annoying-ness. How does one get a pest like this to go away?  I did find her mother and mention it to her, but she seemed disinclined to do anything.

Oh my goodness! I would be mortified if my son pulled something like this! That is so annoying.

Oh wow.  I'm just speechless.   :o  Kitten is 5 and let me tell you, if she ever attempted a stunt like that she would be in B.I.G. Trouble.

Whenever I am confronted by a child like this (when I pick Kitten up, it has become a problem), I will usually give them the "hairy eyeball" and say, "I'm trying to speak with Kitten, would you please leave us alone?"  It works about 70% of the time.

after the first or second time I think I would put on my "mean face" and tell her to "go find your mom and DO NOT come back to this table"

Tell the manager this child is disturbing you.


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