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I finally got to use it


and it actually worked for me!  My estranged father has recently reentered my life after an 18 year absence.  We haven't seen each other in person yet, we're just speaking on the phone once a week or so, I'm taking things slowly.  Anyway, he tried to guilt me into going to Vegas for his birthday next month and I just said, "that won't be possible."  When he asked why I just restated it.  He said he understood and dropped the subject.  I could have listed 20 reasons why I wasn't going to Vegas but for once I didn't feel the need to justify myself.  It was very liberating. 

Of course now he says he's coming to visit me in February but I really don't think there's a chance in ehell of that happening.  If it does I'll certainly have plenty of fodder for the board. 

I am glad you got to use the line, and I am even more glad it worked!!!!!!! 

So, did he come visit you?

Ant V:
I was wondering that too.


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