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Chipotle powder?

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I have a recipe that calls for chipotle powder and white pepper.  Where can I get these??  I've looked at the superstores, but haven't found them.  Does anyone know the name of an online spice store?
Thank you!

No specialty stores, but I am living in Latin America right now...  I'll check out the penzey's site, looks promising.  Thank you.

You may be able to just used ground up dried chipotle peppers. They shouldn't be too hard to find, just make sure to cut off the stem end, and shake out the seeds because they could be bitter after their ground. You can grind them in a food processor, a coffee grinder or even a mortar and pestle. Hope that helps :)

I thought about that, but my husband has banned me from his coffee grinder since the "clove" incident, (they left some oil in there) I think chipotle peppers might taste a little worse than cloves!  I might just try the blender.
The penzey's sight was great, they did have it!  Thank you guys...

The Knorr company makes chipotle-flavored MiniCubos that you can crumble.  They're the size of small bouillon cubes.


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