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Very Nice Man with Chainsaw

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Just a quick one - yesterday the weather was very nice, with a high in the low 60s, and since the days are getting longer, I had time to finish stacking my ice storm debris for the city pickup.  There was a large limb in my backyard that fell over the fence from the neighbor behind me.  I thought I could haul it around, but it was WAY too big to drag around to the front by myself.   

Two guys were cleaning up the yard across the street, and I asked them if one of them could help me by cutting the limb with the chainsaw.  One of the men kindly came around to my backyard and cut it up so it was more manageable.  I thanked him profusely and he was like, No biggie.

Yay for him!   :)

PS - in a little debris pile in the front yard, I found some actual ice from the storm still stuck to the branches! I broke some off and put it in the freezer!

It's awesome that he did that for you....I almost fell laughing when I read your title, though

*snerk* I just looked at the title again and it IS kind of funny!  :-X :D

It sounds like a kinder, gentler sort of slasher movie.

It reminds me of the superbowl commercial for bud light...


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