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Who's Gigi?!

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My cousin and her mother are visiting my parents right now.  This is a cousin that we don't see very often.  And, the mother is divorced from my uncle (does that still make her my aunt?)

I called my parents last night to see how the visit was going - and to express how much I wanted to be there, too!

The conversation went something like this at one point:

Me:  So, was it just Cousin and Aunt, or is Aunt's Husband there, too?

Mom:  It's Cousin, Aunt and Gigi!

Me:  Who's Gigi?!

Mom (sounding chipper - I could tell that she wasn't able to say much with everyone's sitting right there):  Gigi's their dog!

Me:  Um......Mom, where is the dog staying?

Mom:  Everywhere!

Me:  They brought their DOG to your house?!  Knowing that there are 3 resident cats and that y'all really don't have a house set up for a dog?  That the house is filled with breakable stuff and is not a "dog" type of home?

Mom:  Uh huh!

I could tell by her voice that she was trying not to let on as to what I was asking or that she really wasn't pleased by the fact that they brought their dog to stay with them - and I mean INSIDE the house with them.  Everyone was sitting there, and she didn't want to let them know what we were talking about.

But, who the heck brings their uninvited DOG to someone's home?  Why, in the world, would they do that?  If my parents had said they could bring the dog, it'd be one thing.  But, to just show up with it?

I'm just amazed that someone would do that.  Is that common among dog owners?!  I've got to tell you that, if someone showed up on my front step with a dog, they'd be shown the way to the nearest hotel.  Because Toto and I don't do dogs.

As a dog owner I can say that *I* don't just take my dog everywhere we go.  He stays in a kennel.  Period.  No one that we stay with are dogs-in-the-house people, and I won't do that to them.  Those poor cats!

My parent's dogs "visit" two places - my Uncle's house upstate and my Grandma's cabin (also upstate)  They have been invited both places (Uncle has a dog of his own who is great friends with their dogs) and would never THINK to take them to anyone elses house. 

I love dogs and still would not want to have one show up at my doorstep unannounced - especially for any length of time. As a dog owner, I can understand that the owners might not always feel comfortable placing their pets in a kennel, but it is not right to expect your hosts to take on the extra burden (unless they have specifically requested that you bring your little furry one along, or you have cleared it with them ahead of time). I agree with littlelauraj - the poor cats (and your parents too)!

Yea, that's just plain rude. Maybe they thought b/c your mom was "family" it was ok or something. As someone who grew up with dogs, and will have a dog in the future, my family NEVER brought the dogs along unless the owners invited the dogs too (which obvsiously was rare). Those are the kind of people who give dog owners a bad name!  Grrrrr (pun intended).  :)


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