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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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My wife had a bag of mixed nuts and I picked out a big handful of my favorites, and left them in a pile on the end table while I attended to something in the kitchen.  I returned to the living room, sat down and realized that I was on the wrong side of the room.  My wife was coming over to join me, so I said, "honey, can you grab my nuts?"

Did I mention her parents were visiting?


One of my engineering prof's pointed out that a certain math function just sounds... bad.

So now I have a fit of giggles everytime I'm in a lecture involving Natural Log's.

Taking a class on Vibrations was pretty fun to talk about.

I also giggle when someone on this forum uses PP for Previous Poster (I'm so mature).  ;D

I know I have more, I'll just add them to this post when I think of them...

Harriet Jones:
The product "Gutter Helmet" has always sounded vaguely p0rnographic to me ...

What  on Earth is a gutter helmet?

Harriet Jones:
A cover to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutter.


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