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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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--- Quote from: CakeBeret on October 16, 2012, 11:30:19 PM ---A few weeks ago, DH and I were at dinner with a friend,  Kenny. I had a box of leftovers, which I accidentally left on the far side of the table. As we were leaving I noticed it and, as Kenny was in between me and the leftovers, I put my arm around him and said "Kenny, will you please grab my box?" There was a split second of silence before all three of us were howling with laughter.

--- End quote ---

We have two chefs in our cafeteria at work. One of them is hooked on those Monster energy drinks.

One day as they were closing up and I was in the cafeteria finishing my lunch, the one cafeteria guy turned to the other and said "Hey, Chris, could you grab my monster for me?"

I teased them endlessly over that.

Yesterday while getting the turkey ready to put in the oven, I called to DH, "I need you to stick your probe in!"

DH: "Oh?..."  >:D

I meant the thermometer probe into the turkey!

White Dragon:
Turns out that one term for the flap of skin on the underside of the elbow is 'weenis'.

Cue the entire family comparing their skin flaps and making jokes about 'weenis envy'. ;D

My co-worker ML walked to my office today to say "I'm going to be banging in my office for a while, so don't worry, I'm okay."

 :-[  ???

ML was hanging up pictures in her office. I was accused of having a dirty mind. Guilty as charged!  >:D

My poor music director...

Several years ago, before I started attending my now home church, Music Director put a sign over the binder shelves:
They're all the same; just grab one.
And, furiously scribbled under that was: "The binders, I mean. Not the singers."

It's given so many giggles that we've just left it up there for a decade (at least).


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