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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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I heard one on Ellen today, as she was talking to Wanda Sykes, who is just hilarious.   Wanda's married to a French woman and their kids mostly speak French and she said there are some French words that just don't sound very nice to American ears.  Like "Seal"  It is not spelled the same but it sounds like the four letter word that begins with "F". 

Ellen said "So just don't get them a seal"

Well apparently Wanda and her wife took the kids to the Long Beach Aquarium and the kids started saying "Look mom, phoque!! Phoque, mama!!" Course the kids are little and innocent and have no idea what the Americans think they're saying but their family's getting these dirty looks cause these kids sound like they're saying "f***"

I just about died laughing as she was telling this. Talk about things that sound dirty but aren't.

I learned that one sometime around my freshman year of high school - somewhere, there is a T-Shirt emblazoned with the many sayings we came up with to swear with our teachers if not clueless, at least able to have plausible deniability :)

Lady Snowdon:
My team is in a contest with another team to see who can improve their metrics the best over the next thirty days.  Each team has a bell to ring (ours in a bicycle bell) each time someone hits their goal.  The bell is on a pillar that supports four cubes - mine is one of those four.

Two days ago, a coworker of mine leaned over and said, very softly, "LadySnowdon, would you mind ringing my bell for me?"  >:D  I stared at her in shock for a moment (as I processed what she actually meant) then started laughing as I said, "Ohmigosh Tammy, it sounds just terrible when you say it like that!".  It took her a second to get it, and then both of us were just about hysterical.  After a few minutes to get our breath back, she leaned over again and said, "LadySnowdon, would you mind ringing *the* bell for me?" and I said sure through my giggles.  I got up, rung the bell and said, "There you go Tammy, I rang your bell for you".  She shimmied in her seat a little and thanked me.   ;D 

White Dragon:
We're having a tree-decorating contest at work.
I happen to be the only female in my zone.

I brought in some prospective ornaments yesterday and showed them to coworker "Hey, do you want to see my balls?"

Yeah, that got some attention!

I stumbled across something funny recently that your post reminded me of.  Ellen DeGeneres used to have a segment of her show that lasted all of 3 days called "Can Andy Say That?" which consisted of her asking her co-producer Andy Lassner to say things that sounded dirty but weren't because he is apparently 12 years old and giggles at anything that sounds dirty to him.




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