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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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Diane AKA Traska:
That last one's always been a favorite of mine.

Julia Mercer:
I was out last night playing pool with hubby, sister and brother in law, and was reading a list on the wall of replacement parts and accessories for pool tables and cues, and thought of this thread when I saw "extra shaft", "butt holder".......and I found this doozy on another forum, had to share it, lol

10) I use cue slik to make my shaft super slippery.
9) I just had my entire butt resprayed by Scot Sherbine.
8) He'll be in great shape if he can move his balls over a little!
7) I just hate sitting on an Andy Gilbert shaft.
6) Fingerslides!
5) Hey Lenny, is anyone else having problems with their stream?
4) You tell him.. if he wants action, I'll give him action all night long!
3) He's got the nutz!!
2) Ralf plays around with the weights in the butt.

And the #1 phrase that sounds dirty but isn't....

1) Getting down and dirty in the TAR pit!

"Turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement!" ~ Les Nessman

“Dead balls are harder to find than they are to make." ~ Cisero Murphy

"When all else fails, try not missing ... INTENTIONALLY." ~ Steve Mizerak

www.deadstrokeuniversity.com (the url in itself sounds dirty)

Walking passed an As Seen on TV display yesterday with an Asst. Manager, and he says "Oh, look, pocket hose."

My brain took that too a whole different direction, and all I could do was apologize for laughing, and I told him that I just took that the very wrong way.

White Dragon:
Today I prepared some documents to send to a client. We send lots of these and they are referred  to in our industry as "packages".

Before I send anything out, it has to be reviewed for accuracy.

So I walked into coworker's office and said "I'm going to indulge my inner 12 year old and ask you to check out my package."

She just laughed and said "Seeing as how it's you I'll say yes. But I wouldn't to one of the guys..."

Mental Magpie:
These always make me giggle like a kid.

There is a dog groomers near my house named Doggy Stylin'.


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