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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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I posted on Facebook this morning that I dreamed a couple I know were "doing the Freak Show." A minute later I realized what that sounded like and added: "BTW: 'Doing the Freak Show' is not a euphemism."

This couple used to host a podcast that had "Freak Show" in its name. That's what they were doing in my dream -- an episode of the podcast.

White Dragon:
We've met a lot of lovely people on our recent trip.
One night, we stayed in a restored castle, where we met a very nice couple who were on their honeymoon.

So I tried very hard not to laugh when the newlyweds mentioned they would be spending the evening in the lounge, playing scrabble - and would we like to join them?  :o  ;D

But my inner 12 year old was rolling on the floor laughing!!  >:D

Julia Mercer:

Have you ever seen "Innuendo Bingo"?  Here's Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom, all growed up!) failing miserably but hilariously.

I work at a publishing house. One of our typesetters recently telephoned our office (Editorial) in fits of laughter, asking for our expert opinion on how she should correct the following missing-word error she'd spotted in a Western novel:

"Bud, you need to go with the lawman," he said. "Don't give him any trouble and I'll work on getting you free."

Bud's only reaction was the slight stiffening of his [missing word] with which he often responded when given an order.

Reading it out in deadpan fashion and requesting input confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that every single one of us in the office has a mental humour age of about twelve.


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