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Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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This morning DF as making his breakfast. His breakfast sausage is frozen together and he says, "It's hard to get the sausage out of the box."

I said "That's what she said."

Apparently, I am incorrigible.

In the category of Worst Headline Ever:

"UK's air accident cops are slurping data from pilots' fondleslabs"

It's the headline for an article that appeared in The Register (dot co dot uk) on Mar 12, 2018, apparently.  Obnoxious title for something that's fairly serious (the data is used to help figure out air accident causes post-crash).

I have supplemented the bird seed feeder and suet feeder with a large pinecone that I smear peanut butter on (gives the little birds a chance).

Every time I think "Time to put the peanut butter on the pinecone" my middle-school brain giggles.


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