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  • November 25, 2015, 12:17:43 AM

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Author Topic: An Adult Should Really Know This - Silly Things You've Had to Tell People  (Read 568930 times)

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oz diva

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I once mistook red coloured cinnamon jelly beans for normal red jelly beans. The experience was not pleasant.
Like my mother who mistook wasabi for guacamole. Also an unpleasant experience.



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That the bulk italian sausage is the same thing as the italian sausage you buy in the casings. If you can't find the bulk you can just take the casing off the sausage before cooking.

(And after 15 text messages, I learned you shouldn't share a recipe with someone who doesn't normally cook ;))


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I have a great set of Lock 'n' Lock plastic storage containers that I love and use constantly.  I use almost all the sizes regularly, although some more than others, except for this one set.  I was never sure why they were included or why anybody would want them.  It's a split container, and there's no lid.  I could never figure out why one would want a container with no lid.  And there were rarely times when I wanted a split container, although they did occasionally arise.

Well, I needed something to stick some change in for my kids' craft sale the other day, and couldn't find anything!  I needed separate compartments for the different coins.  Then I thought, hey, if I grab two of those split containers, that will give me 4 containers for coins!  So I got them both together, but then I needed some way to keep them together and to have a lid on my change box, so I thought, maybe, maybe they'll fit in one of the larger containers.  So I grab a larger container and go to place them in it... and both split containers fit in *perfectly*.  And that's when it becomes obvious that they were *meant* to, that that's exactly what they're for.  Oooops.

(It's possible that originally I knew this, when I first bought the set and read the paperwork.  However, if so, I didn't need to use the split containers for such a long time that I forgot their function.)
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